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One of the many joys of playing casino games is winning (whether it is prizes or money). An effective way for casino facilities to increase the amount that players spend is through the use of casino bonus promotions. There are several types of promotions that casinos utilize to encourage further spending by customers.

Player Card Casino Bonus Incentives
One method to keep track of players and give casino bonus incentives is through the use of player cards. The pit bosses scan the player cards. Gambling patterns and behaviour can be determined by the data collected on the cards during each play session at a live table or at one of the casino electronic games. This data is then used to adjust marketing strategies by the casino facilities to get the most for their money and encourage repeat business.

Why would a player agree to have a player card? One of the biggest reasons that players agree to these cards is all of the different incentives, casino bonus promotions and gifts that they receive for just simply handing their card to a pit boss or plugging it into a slot on one of the electronic game machines. For example, after spending a specific amount of time at a casino, players may be rewarded with a free, all-you-can-eat buffet or with specific prizes that are for exclusive V.I.P. members.

Special High Roller Casino Bonus Promotions And V.I.P. Incentives
There are often special V.I.P. Incentives that encourage players to spend more time playing electronic games, virtual casino games and live table games. The advantage to spending more time wagering the High Roller casino bonus promotions is the potential for the players to spend more money in hopes of hitting it big. Casinos understand this type of playing method utilized by many players. As a way of encouraging this behaviour, often casino bonus promotions are focused on making a player a V.I.P. member. The new member status then comes with lots of various High Roller casino bonus promotions, rewards and benefits.

For example, many casinos have V.I.P. member tables or sections to enjoy the games. Thus, these members feel rewarded by being allowed into exclusive areas of the facility or special virtual play areas on casino websites. These might be the only incentives for becoming a V.I.P. member. However, the change in status and special treatment for these members is often enticing enough that non-members will participate in casino promotions to become one of these exclusive members.

Exclusive Prizes and Casino Bonus Rewards
Many casinos understand that patrons like to receive exclusive prizes and rewards. These can be items worth only a few dollars to significantly more money. For example, during specific dates the casino may offer free hotel and lodging for a limited number of consecutive days. Others may offer specially designed souvenir items such as clothing, handbags, plastic reusable drink bottles, key rings and other novelty items. The value of the prizes and rewards varies greatly from casino to casino. Also, the types of rewards and prizes offered from brick-and-mortar casinos is often different from the types of gifts offered from virtual gaming casinos on the Internet.

Benefits to the Consumer
Consumers benefit from the different types of casino bonus promotions offered, prizes and rewards. It is important to look at the benefits to the cost of receiving the benefit. If you play it smart, you can receive many different prizes and rewards that are fun to have and even very valuable.