Casino Bonus Promotions: More Than Just A Sign-On Casino Bonus

Online gambling halls and casino bonus promotions bonuses go hand in hand. To bring in new gamers, most of the internet casinos have sign-on casino bonuses. Some of these sites go over the top in providing bonuses. Some are a set amount, while others offer a percentage based on how much a player chooses to deposit for play. Keep in mind, though, that sign-on casino bonuses aren’t the only incentive games in town being employed by these sites. There are free chips and spins, along with free entry into tournaments, for example.

There are as many free spin bonuses being offered as there are sign-ons. The most common bonus is free “virtual” cash to play with, and a certain amount of time to use it. After a session using the “virtual” cash, whatever is in the player’s hand at the end of the time limit can be moved over into playing for real. Chips have a lot more versatility to it than spins, because unlike spins, which are reserved for slots, chips can be laid down on the poker, table games and slots.

Sign-on bonuses, along with the free chips and spins, do get people to check out the online games. However, what is stopping people from simply joining to get the casino bonus promotions, playing the required rounds, and then hopping on board another site to capture those bonuses, and on and on? Nothing is stopping them and that is what many players are doing. The crowded online casino market has sites scrambling to add players to their roster, and there are many who are coming up with creative ways to bring players in and keep them playing.

Enter loyalty bonuses. These bonuses are triggered when deposits are made by the player after the initial set up. They are point-based, tied in to the amount of money being wagered. Loyalty casino bonus promotions can be converted to cash after a while, or they can be traded in for material items or comps. At some sites, the loyalty bonuses have been known to translate into vacations at the real casinos.

Loyalty bonuses have been proven successful in keeping players on the roster. Tiered systems have players advancing through them as they enjoy their favorite games of chance. By going through the levels successfully, their wagering power increases, which positively affects their winnings.

As you venture out in search of an online casino to patronize, keep in mind that it goes beyond a choice of a sign-on bonus. Look at what they are offering the long-term players. As competition and attention for new players increases, sign-ons just aren’t enough to retain the much-coveted loyal player. Not if the online site wants to stay in business as a viable competitor in their market. Because of this, loyal players have their choice of the free spins, chips and tourney entries.

But, you want to check out the fine print and legalese, to make sure the terms are to your advantage. Not all sites are created equal. There are different rules pertaining to how you can play your casino bonuses, whether a sign-on bonus or a loyalty bonus. Take your time going through the rules, or you can find yourself on the short end of the casino bonus promotions.


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