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Casino Bonuses Are Making The Most

Posted in Casino bonus promotions with tags , , , , on February 2, 2011 by casinobonuspromotions

There is a lot of competition between casinos, both live and on the Internet, and this competition is very beneficial to the players. Because casinos are all competing for the business of the same player pool, they have to try to make bigger and better promotions than the other competitors. These promotions come in the form of casino bonuses, freerolls, comps, and other items. Casino bonuses, in particular, offer the players a chance to overcome the house advantage in a number of games and make some real money. Here we’re going to take a look at how these casino bonuses work, and what you’ll need to do to use them effectively.

Meeting Play-Through Requirements
While casinos are in the business of giving out lots of bonuses due to the nature of the market, they aren’t just handing people free casino bonus money to play with. This would be financial suicide since people would pretend that they were going to play just to get the free casino bonus money, and there would be nothing the casinos could do to keep them from simply leaving with the cash. So to prevent this type of situation, casinos have what are called play-through requirements for their bonuses.

A play-through requirement generally means that you have to wager a certain amount of money before they give you the actual cash for the bonus they offer. Play-through requirements are typically for a multiple of the casino bonus money being rewarded. For example, a $100 bonus with a 20x play-through requirement would require that you wager a total of $2000 in casino games before you received your $100 bonus.

These play-through requirements in this example can be reached with any total wagers that add up to $2000. If you wanted to wager $2000 once, that’s just as good for clearing these requirements as wagering $10 over and over 200 times, or wagering $20 over and over 100 times. It’s all up to you.

Making Money by Exploiting These Casino Bonuses
The casinos expect to make money by keeping people around with their casino bonuses and other promotions, but often the bonuses can still be exploited. The general idea is that you have to use a little basic math to decide if the house advantage on the wagers made to clear play-through requirement add up to more or less than the actual amount of the bonus itself. This sounds fairly complicated, but it’s really easy. Here’s an example.

Suppose there’s a blackjack game where the house will have a 2% advantage. If you wager a total of $2000, then the house will, on average, get 2% of that from you. Notice that 2% of $2000 is $40, so your average loss while fulfilling the $2000 play-through requirement from our example will be $40. Since the casino bonus is for $100, you will average a profit of $60 just for playing blackjack with casino bonuses rewarded.